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Breastfeeding + Sleep = Breastsleeping!

TC 011 Breastfeeding + Sleep = Breastsleeping!   Many marriages fail in the first 18 month's after childbirth. Sleep may be a factor. No one sleep solution is right for every family, but knowing the evidence about the options...

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Grace and ease in birth with Stephanie Dawn

TC 010  Bring grace and ease to birth with Stephanie Dawn How do we bring more ease and grace into pregnancy, birth and parenting? Stephanie is the creator of the Sacred Birth Workbook and is a Spiritual Business Strategist and Mentor...

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Birth doulas and birth partners

TC 009 What is a birth doula and how your partner benefits too   I doula’d one birth where the Dad researched microphones on his smartphone in the early hours of an induction. I held the mom’s hands and she sang and rocked on her...

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Pregnancy and birth – magic and miracles!

TC 008: Pregnancy and birth - magic and miracles! Suzy Ashworth, founder of the Calm Birth School talks with us about giving yourself permission to focus on pregnancy and birth in a world that is concerned with results and what happens next....

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Hi! I'm Amy, Birthing Year Coach, Hypnobirthing teacher and certified birth doula (DONA), living in Sweden. I'm really happy you're here because I know your birthing year - your whole mothering journey, is full of potential. Your voice deserves to be heard.


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