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Cradle Cap, unchecked

Cradle cap! You know, the scale-y, yellow-y skin that frequently occurs on the heads of infants?!

Am I the only mama with a 6.5 year with cradle cap? Rhetorical question.

I’ve oiled, brushed, combed, scratched and picked through his hair (much like a koala mama), but I can’t get rid of the stuff. Luckily his hair had grown in enough that it’s pretty much invisible. I can’t say that much for his 3 year old brother. His white locks are pretty see through, revealing – cradle cap. It doesn’t bother them and obviously not me much either, so I haven’t delved any deeper into the realms of cradle cap treatment.

Until today

So this week a mama reached out to me with her own cradle cap issue. That got me researching!

If you are following me on Instagram, you may know I’m really excited about doTERRA essentials oils. I whipped out my Modern Essentials book and found the answer.

Here’s your recipe to maintain healthy skin on your baby’s head:

2 Tbs almond oil

1 drop lemon

1 drop geranium

Apply a small amount of the blend of the head.

I’ll need a lot more. My 6.5 year old also has really big head! Seriously, he wears his dad’s hats.

I can write a whole ‘nother post (and will) on why I’ve chucked any other brand of oil and now use only doTERRA for my myself, my family and my clients. Briefly: quality plus compassion for people and the planet and did I mention – quality.

So now I can treat my littles’ cradle cap. I need to add geranium to my April order and pick up some almond oil as well. So watch this spot, I’ll be updating you on the progress!

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