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Birth Doula Care with Amy Neuhedel


I believe that being in a foreign country shouldn’t get in the way of a peaceful birth experience

Pregnant in Sweden, we went to a midwifery clinic on Södermalm where we were met by a smiling and busy midwife who quit that clinic when we were 32 weeks along.

I did water gymnastics for preggos, yoga for preggos, Profylax in English, and even had a guaranteed place at a popular hospital for the birth.

I was assured by midwives and a childbirth educator in Stockholm we didn’t need a doula since my husband and I “are so good together”.

Yes, we did manage to get pregnant after all. Birth would be a piece of cake.


Regardless of language and culture

The birth was not a piece of cake. We met many unfamiliar faces and were left with many questions after our first birth experience here in Sweden.

I vowed to help families feel respected and heard in pregnancy and birth regardless of language and culture.


Do you have way more questions than answers?

“Do they push meds here?”

“What if I want an undisturbed birth?”

“What if I want an epidural?”

“What’s a BB?”

“Where do I call if I have an emergency?”

“Do I have to buy organic vegetables here?”

“How do I arrange childcare for the birth?”

“Where can I get a mercury-free flu shot?”


These are just a few of the questions I’ve been asked by the many families I have supported.  Families from Sweden, Holland, India, Canadia, Columbia, Brazil, Germany, America, England, Wales and Australia.

“It was such peace of mind knowing Amy was in our corner. Having recently moved to Sweden, we left everything to the last minute and she delivered such great and generous support. We really appreciate all Amy did for us. The birth was everything we dreamed of.“

- Bianca and Steve, Australia and Örebro

You have come to the right place

I have been pregnant, clueless about the language and confused who I turn to to get my questions answered.

I’ve done the research for you. I have an extensive network and can support you to find the information and resources you need.

You deserve support and understanding.  And I want you to have the most support possible. I encourage you to contact me early in your pregnancy. The earlier we start, the more support you get for your investment.

“Amy was instrumental in making the labour and delivery an empowering and positive experience.  While she brings a great deal of knowledge and experience, Amy always listened to our goals and concerns and worked with us to create a birth plan than met our needs.  Her creative approach encouraged us to trust our instincts and to take the lead. We are incredibly grateful to have had Amy working with us, and we highly recommend her to anyone wishing a positive and empowering birthing experience.  Thanks Amy.”

Sara, Glenn and baby Clarence, Canada and Stockholm

Here’s how it can look

(Of course we can start earlier or later. Please be advised my calendar books up quickly as I dedicate a lot of time to each family.)

Week 12 – Contact me and we’ll schedule a Reflection session.

Week 14 – We talk on the phone.

Week 16 – We meet for a prenatal consultation and see that we are a good match to work


Week 17- You secure me as your doula. I’m now booked for you and you are in my calendar and in my phone. I return all emails within 48 hours.

Week 18- We book our monthly coaching calls which continue through one month postpartum.

Week 26-32 Many clients choose to take a prenatal workshop with me either in a group or privately.

Week 36- Prenatal consultation at your home

Week 37 – Your birth preferences, which we have been working on are in my doula bag (3 copies!), I am packed and ready to go.

Week 38- I am on-call for you 24/7 until the birth of your baby.

Birth Day! – I come to you in active labor and stay with you the entirety of your birth process. I will stay with you for an hour or two after the birth of your baby.

About 5 days postpartum – Postpartum visit at your home.

Up to 30 days postpartum- I am available to you by e-mail and SMS to help with breastfeeding questions and other resources you may need.

About 30 days postpartum –  We have our wrap-up call.


Three easy steps to a better birth

Step 1: Contact me!

Step 2: We meet! I come to your house and we have our first prenatal consultation.

Step 3: I’m all yours! A deposit confirms our arrangement.  You are in my calendar and we have each other’s addresses and phone numbers in our phones.

You are on your way to a better birth!

birth doula careHaving previously experienced a chaotic birth ending in an emergency caesarean section were we both scared and confused going into this birth. With Amy’s help we were able to process the experience and focus on obtaining a calm and positive birth this time. Meetings and e-mail contact with Amy enabled us to replace fear with confidence and anticipation. During labor, she helped both of us to feel relaxed and safe, and bring us back to a peaceful reality (without the chaos) when things were tough. She strengthened us so that we gave birth to our son together.  To have Amy as our doula was a hugely positive experience and we are delighted that we chose just her. We think everyone should have the help of a doula for a peaceful, safer and more conscious birth experience.” – Åsa and Anders
Amy Neuhedel Hypnobirthing Educator and Birth Doula in Sweden

Hi! I'm Amy, Birthing Year Coach, Hypnobirthing teacher and certified birth doula (DONA), living in Sweden. I'm really happy you're here because I know your birthing year - your whole mothering journey, is full of potential. Your voice deserves to be heard.


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To learn more about your options for Hypnobirthing classes and doula care for families in Stockholm, Sodertälje, Strängnäs, Eskilstuna, Vasterås, Enköping, Uppsala, and Örebro, please contact me here.  For information in Swedish, click here. +46(0)704 78 13 74. amy@amyneuhedel.com.