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Your Birth Year! 1:1 Virtual

      “I’m scared to death of birth.”

I hear that a lot. And I believe birth and death have some things in common.

 We certainly don’t talk about them over our cornflakes and lattes.

Not with our kids. Maybe not with our partners.

The images we have of them are from Hollywood and are far from calming.

You are the sun, so let’s get everything revolving around you

Your birth is exactly that – yours.   You can feel secure, informed, calm and inspired. Actually – you can feel like you are planning a party! That’s my job – my passion- to get everything revolving around you and your baby. From now and forever. When we are secure – we are not selfish. We are our most compassionate, kind, giving selves.   You have so much to give your child. But someone needs to give something to you.   I’m here to give you what you need. You will find your wisdom, your strength, your intuition. You are the best mom to your child. You need to know that.

  • Are you tired already and worried about not having enough time for yourself or your family?
  • You may even be angry about situation you are in!
  • Are you sad about how you were treated at your last birth?
  • Are you left with fears that you aren’t even able to verbalize to the people closest to you since we don’t talk about these things?
  • Do you feel estranged from the community where you might have been able to verbalize these fears?
  • Or you can’t find the information you need?
  • Your partner might get it. A little. Or maybe not.

You can’t imagine a better birth because the words, the stories the pictures aren’t around. You can’t move past your fears because they haven’t been given a voice. And the information you need to feel secure is hard to find.

“Amy was instrumental in making the labour and delivery an empowering and positive experience.  While she brings a great deal of knowledge and experience, Amy always listened to our goals and concerns and worked with us to create a birth plan than met our needs.  Her creative approach encouraged us to trust our instincts and to take the lead. We are incredibly grateful to have had Amy working with us, and we highly recommend her to anyone wishing a positive and empowering birthing experience.  Thanks Amy.”
Sara, Glenn and baby Clarence, Canada and Sweden

If you knew your pregnancy, birth and postpartum time could be as you choose you could:

  • Feel calm, informed, secure
  • Look forward to the birth
  • Feel confident, beautiful – Sexy!
  • Have more fun
  • Have more time for your yourself and your family
  • Sleep better


Love what you do

I have spent over fifteen years getting to where I am now.

Moving countries, learning a new language and culture, preparing for birth, for mothering. Accepting how things are and how they are not.

I’m a certified birth doula and Hypnobirthing teacher. I’m studying to be a Postpartum doula, a Breastfeeding Counselor and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.

 I love what I do and I want you to love what you do. What you are doing. Being pregnant, giving birth, creating the future.

The benefits of support are priceless

  • Trust in your body
  • Faith in your intuition as a mother
  • Fewer complications in birth
  • A Shorter labor
  • An easier, more enjoyable birth
  • Faster recovery
  • A serene postpartum
  • A successful breastfeeding relationship
  • More sleep (happiness!) for the whole family.

A secure start! A calm continuance!

Hypnobirthing Natural Birth Classes in Sweden

I believe only you can fill the blank on is this sentence, “My ____Birthing Year”. What is the experience you want to have? I support your choices. I help you reach your goals. I know your mothering journey is world-changing. Each mother has the most important job.

Pregnancy is undervalued and we know motherhood is underpaid.


Your changing body is changing the world

Growing a new human – to guide into their ultimate selves. I know you are creating a really important person. I can support you to realize this new person’s potential and yours!

You can choose

From the moment we pee on that stick  a part of us begins dying. The selfish part – the shallow part – the part that takes ourselves for granted. You are making room for a new part of you. This new life growing inside you.

You are the most important person in the your baby’s life.

You are symbiotic. You are valuable and important. Strong and smart.

Your experience – your fears – your desires – really, really are in need of being heard.

I am awed by our power

The power of 350,000 women around the world giving birth each and everyday as we have done for thousands of years.  A woman’s body is built for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding – built for the job of being a mother. I believe in mothers. I believe in you!

The confidence Amy gave me during pregnancy was priceless, and having the extra support was incredible. I can’t recommend her enough. I enjoyed the openness I felt with her. No question was too trivial.  It was really comforting to know I could ask anything – that I had someone on my side. I came into this pregnancy excited, but scared. I wanted all the drugs possible during labour. However after working with Amy I realised I was stronger than I thought. I had a drug free labour! I now feel so much more confident in myself and my abilities as a mom and a woman.
-Katherine, London

Your Birth Year Virtual 1:1 includes:

A Journey Survey ~ This email survey will help us to get a feel for where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want to be during your birthing year.

An Intensive Connection Session ~ A 90 minute 1:1 Skype or Google Hangout + the recording to listen to again. We get to know each other over a virtual cup of tea (ok, the tea can be real). We’ll look over your Journey Survey and set up a plan reflecting what’s important to you. You walk away calmer and inspired about what is possible for you in pregnancy, birth postpartum.  

Monthly Connection Sessions ~ 9 x 45 minute sessions + the recording to listen to again. This is your private personalized prenatal program. Monthly support helps you process the information you receive, clarify your desires and make informed decisions about your care and the care your baby receives. These sessions can include anything from my spectrum of experience.

  • Conception Readiness: charting, manifesting with your cycles/the cycles of the moon
  • Pregnancy Wellness: nutrition, fitness, confidence building/fear release, breath and visualization, informed decision making, hypnobirthing coaching.
  • Birth Preparation: choosing your birth team, informed decision making, writing your preferences, gentle c-section, induction preparation, vbac preparation, birth positions, comfort techniques, intervention inventory.
  • Postpartum Wellness: cloth diapering, breastfeeding support and information, meal planning, sibling connection, intimacy, integrating your birth experience, asking for help, dealing with visitors, trauma integration, babywearing,
  • Your Connected Family: baby food preparation, baby-led weaning, partners, parenting & connection, creating family traditions and mantras
  • Spiritual Practice: oracle cards, journaling, gratitude practice, forgiveness work, vision board creation, increasing compassion, manifesting with your cycles, cycles of the moon

Just For You Resource Packs  ~ I’ll follow up our calls with an e-mail of resources tailored just for you, things to think about and act on (yup – homework!) plus letting you know what my homework is. I’m looking out for you in between our calls by researching what’s important to you. I’m your personal birth concierge!

E-mail Support ~ I’m here for you in between calls during office hours to answer your questions or listen to your concerns.

Virtual Doula Support ~ 9 x a 15 minute phone call. You need on the spot virtual hand-holding NOW! In-labor comfort support, breastfeeding support, panic attacks, bouts of sadness, furious at your partner, kids, mother-in-law – you name it. I have a few times reserved for you everyday if you need me. PLUS!: Snail Mail! You get real (snail) mail from me!!!

A Birthing Year Library ~ Three of my favorite books to enjoy and devour!

Tea and cookies  ~ Yup! What’s a good book without a cup of herbal tea and a good cookie?!

A Birthing Ball ~ More on this during our Connection Sessions. This thing is seriously great throughout your entire birthing year and beyond! (Kids love it :-) )

And Affirmation Cards to keep you thinking positively.

Of course there’s a bonus

Stephanie Dawn is the founder of Sacred Birth Work, a teaching that merges the spiritual path and tools with pregnancy and birth. She is a spiritual counselor, educator and Sacred Business Coach helping women around the world to create empowerment in life and birth. When you join the Your Birthing Year program you will receive Stephanie’s Workbook and a half hour prayer and meditation session with Stephanie to support you in integrating all that you are learning.


If you choose to continue your mothering journey with me further into the first year of your baby’s life, you receive 50% off the Divine Mama Mentorship, including even more personalized support around breastfeeding, sleeping, baby-food making, sibling relationships, intimacy, goal-setting and more. Plus a set of Oracle Cards, a New Library of Books, and more Tea and Cookies

Amy’s positivity is truly contagious and wonderful! Her ability to help me feel relaxed, calm, and positive about giving birth was simply amazing! She made sure I kept the right mindset around having a positive experience/attitude and I honestly think that was key in my prep work and birthing day. After my first birth experience, I was absolutely terrified this time around.  I never thought I’d have the strength to follow through with a natural birth. Although, my birth was not pain free, which I don’t think any birth is, I was surprised at how well I could actually handle it! She reminded me often that our bodies are made for this and you know what, yes they are!
Amy is simply fantastic at what she does  and I am 100% grateful for her!
-Leina - American in Stockholm.


Can my partner be in on the calls?

Of course!

Can a virtual program work?

Yes. Having support during this time of your life is invaluable. I am here for you every step of the way and if you show up on the calls and do the work, I guarantee this program will work for you. (See my guarantee at the bottom)

Is it too late in my pregnancy to start?

No way. It’s never too late! Whenever this webpage found you is the perfect time to start :-).

Is it too early in my pregnancy to start?

No way. It’s funny, we get a lot of attention from people and care providers when we are really pregnant, but in those early weeks we can feel tired, confused and lonely. People may not know we are pregnant yet. We are worried about our jobs, our shifting relationships, etc. I’m here for you.

Does this program include Hypnobirthing coaching?

It certainly can. This program can include anything from my spectrum of expertise.

Can you help me write my birth preferences?

Of course. I’d love to help with this!

Can you help problem solve breastfeeding issues?

Yes, I can. Better yet, our work will head off issues before they become “issues”. You know, “an ounce of prevention…” ;-). And if you need more help I have referral list of colleagues in all areas of specialization.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this program outside of our calls?

Your “work” will never feel like a chore to tick off your list. You chose what you want to do – reading, resting, meditating, exercising… Everyone’s journey is totally unique and your program will be customized for you.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes! There is a Calm Mom guarantee. 

Do you offer refunds in the event of a miscarriage?

If you miscarriage within the first 60 days of our work together, yes you will receive a partial refund as per the guarantee. After that time, I believe the work in this program is crucial to your healing.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes I do! 

How do we get started working together?

Book a Reflection Session. I look forward to speaking with you!

Amy’s knowledge is as great as her personality. She helped ensure us a safe and relaxed birth.
-Sadie and Martin, Stockholm

Your fear is real, but it does not define you

Reach out to me. Your birth matters.   The C-section rate is rising globally. But women are not broken. The system is broken – focused on guilting and shaming. Causing mothers unnecessary complications, pain.   The ensuing distrust and disconnection disrupt our abilities to breastfeed, to mother, to nurture – to properly care for ourselves and those we love the most.

Invest in your success

This is a highly personalized  program and I only support a small number of moms at one time. Please schedule a Reflection Session so we can talk about your unique birthing year.

This program is designed to make you feel calmer and more secure in your mothering journey. If within 60 days you are not feeling calmer and more secure I will refund your purchase minus the deposit. All you need to do is e-mail me and complete a feedback form.


Birth is about letting go

As is death. Maybe that’s what makes them scary. In birth, we let go of the life inside of us. We meet that life on “the outside”. And we are letting go of that life through our entire mothering journey.

Is that scary? As scary as anything new. Scary but not debilitating. Scary is exciting. It can be fun even. Letting go.

We gotta let go to live.   We gotta let go to be the mother our little people need us to be.  

But we don’t need to do it alone.

I help you let go

And you get to choose how.

Hypnobirthing Natural Birth Classes in Sweden
Hypnobirthing Coach Amy Neuhedel
I’m Amy NeuhedelOriginally from New York, I have a Masters in Education and over a decade of “Life in Sweden” experience

I Hypnobirthed two of my three children and inspired to share this wisdom, I certified as a Hypnobirthing Instructor at the London Hypnobirthing Centre in 2011. 
I’m also a certified doula with DONA International. I trained in Indonesia with midwife and CNN Hero of the Year 2011, Robin Lim, at the Bumi Sehat birth clinic. The birthing moms came down from the mountain villages on moped, contractions and all! In baths of water and flower blossoms, the babies were welcomed into the world with songs of prayer. I am honored to have attended these births.   
I am honored to support you.

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