TC 009 What is a birth doula and how your partner benefits too


I doula’d one birth where the Dad researched microphones on his smartphone in the early hours of an induction. I held the mom’s hands and she sang and rocked on her birthing ball. The Dad’s support would be needed later – hours of counter pressure and verbal support when mom was so very tired.

He was able to rest and charge in the early hours because I was there for the Mom. That was the relief he needed.

Every partner has different needs.


In this episode you learn:
  • What is a birth doula
  • What do a partner and doula each bring to birth
  • How a doula supports the whole family
  • Resources for finding and choosing your doula

What is a birth doula and how your partner benefits too! Episode 9 of The Cord podcast

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Let us know how your doula and your partner supported you during birth.

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