Connecting with you is what I’m all about.

Connecting with you so you can connect to yourself and your baby!


And that’s why I love the newest social media platform Periscope!

I’m  usually years behind on techy stuff, but this platform has my name all over it. LIVE streaming! With a chat. Yup.


On Periscope I’m connecting with you! In real time!

Super cognitive, front brain stuff (NOT like birth). You see me and can write to me. I read and respond to your questions and comments in the moment.


And I love it. Like I love birth!

Totally scary and fantastic. Kinda the way many of us feel about birth.


Everytime I push the “broadcast button”, I have to let go of fear… Kinda like birth.


Letting go of fear, accepting the moment. Like birth.


Being LIVE is connection to myself. Like birth.


What do birth and Periscope have in common? Come connect with me at

Let’s do this. I’m LIVE everyday.

@CORDpod on Periscope (like my Twitter handle). Download the app to your smartphone and follow me @CORDpod. Under your profile/settings/notifications – you can turn the notifications on so you you get a signal when I’m LIVE. I announce on Twitter too before the broadcast and when I go LIVE.


I can’t wait to connect with you there!!!


Any questions? Ask me in the comments.