”Best” looks different for everyone. 

So there is no one best position to use for birthing your baby.

Women should however, be supported to birth in any position they choose. That’s what the evidence says. Source.


Let’s go for informed and empowered.

Your experience is unique. So let’s replace ”shoulds” and ”bests” with ”coulds” and ”options”.

Let’s make room for each mother’s voice and experience.

Because that is how she births her baby. That is how you birth your baby.


Let’s make room for honored and comfortable.

The majority of women want to birth in upright positions, yet over 90% of American women are birthing in non-upright positions. (link) Why the gap between their desires and the reality of birth for them?

Many mother’s report being discouraged from upright positions. Many care providers find it easier to monitor progress when a mom is laying down, on her side, or half-reclining or even (NO!!!) fully laying her back.

But will progression happen more easily if a mother’s requests are honored? If she is comfortable?

Ummm… I believe 100% – YES!


So, what are the birthing position options?

Click here to check out this awesome piece about birth art and the history of birthing positions. Not to be missed!

As you can see from that article there are few to choose from.

Knowing your options is the first step.

Testing out a few of them is a good second.


Watch TV in a squat.

If you have it your head that you want to birth in a squatting position but have never squatted before, you can start practicing – TODAY! And keep practicing. Watch TV in a squat, play games in a squat, peel potatoes in a squat.

You can try some supported squats using a piece of furniture to lean on or by leaning on your partner (then she/he can give you a shoulder rub and whisper encouraging things in your ear.)

Does your place of birth have a squat bar or something similar? A birth stool perhaps? Ask to try them.

You think birthing on all fours sounds good. Try it out right now!

On your knees, arms around your best friend? Give it a shot tonight.

Would you like to try standing? Hang from your birthing partner today. See what it feels like to surrender your weight into their arms.


Let your body lead.

Let your preferences be known to your birth team. Click here to check out this post for more on writing your preferences and making informed decisions.

Most importantly have fun. And remember that even if you believe you know how you will birth, your body will lead.

Let your body lead. Follow it. That is where you will find your strength.


What position have you birthed in/ are considering birthing in? Let us know in the comments.

Pushing. What position is best to birth in? Best looks different for everyone. Every woman should be supported to birth in the position she chooses. That's what the evidence says.