Friday Night – Cozy Time!

We cozied down on Friday night. My husband, our three little people: 7, 4.5 and 17 months and I.

Carrot and cucumber sticks – some dip. Cushions, blankets and a table for the snacks. A normal scene at homes around the world. Here in Sweden it has it’s own word: “Fredagsmys” (Friday cozy time).

I pushed play and we settled in to watch “Trail of Labor” – a new birth documentary about vaginal birth after Cesarean.

“Wait… back-up! You must mean “Frozen”, right? “Brave”. Some Disney movie?”

“You watched a birth film with your kids?!”


“Those women were powerful”

My seven year turned away during a c-section scene but loved seeing the newborn baby.

Heck…Disney movies have way scarier parts and if the girls in “Frozen” and “Brave” are supposed be role models for my daughter, than a mother going for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) certainly is!

My daughter’s review: “Those women were powerful”. This is her drawing about the film. Notice the Swedish/English /Kid-ish spelling: “Bejby” (baby), “plesenta” (placenta) and “jurures” (uterus).


Healed by her third Cesarean birth

“Trial Of Labor”, available for free streaming for a short time, “follows a small group of pregnant women and their journeys back to trusting themselves and their bodies after previous births ended in unplanned surgery”. Each woman, pregnant again, plans for a vaginal birth. They have a very hard time in America (to put it lightly!) getting support for their decision and in fact face adversity at nearly every turn.

What stood out most for me was one mom whose labor ends in surgery for a third time. It’s still a Disney happy ending. She was healed by that Cesarean birth. She felt listened to – her voice heard.

She owned that birth!


All women deserve to be heard

Preparation and support are vital to your voice in birth. Vital to owning your birth – no matter what happens!

(And significantly reduce your chance of a Cesarean.)

My daughter is starting early. How’s your preparation going?

Read this post about making informed decisions for your care.

And consider a prenatal course that that focuses on your capable and strong body – your decision-making power – your intuition and wisdom as a woman and a mother. There are courses in May and again in August/September. (A little secret – I’m working on a virtual course too!)

Only YOU know how to birth your baby.


A mighty birth video for you!

Here’s one of the videos I share with my course participants. Yes, your birth can be like that! :-)


What birth films or videos do you recommend? And what are your favorite film snacks? We’re always looking for ideas :-).