Your contractions started!

You can’t wait to get into the hospital – to meet your baby! You time them with your app and as soon as it says “active labor” you call and you’re off.

At the hospital, your contractions, that were so strong at home have STOPPED.


“I swear they were SO strong at home” you plead with the midwife thinking “don’t send me home…I can’t wait anymore…”


We hear stories about women’s contractions stopping or slowing down at the hospital a lot

Why does this happen?

Birth is really primal. Think – gorilla in the jungle primal.

A gorilla is in the jungle birthing her baby and along comes a lion.

That gorilla mama’s body stops birthing. She is protecting her baby.


The hospital, where you long to be to birth your awaited and loved little –

is interpreted by your subconscious as your predator.


Unfamiliar lights, people, smells

Your brain picks up your unconscious signals, “this place is new and strange – perhaps unsafe” and stops or slows your labor by decreasing the release of Oxytocin. (more on this incredible LOVE hormone in a future post!)

Things start up again when you’ve been at the hospital for a little while.

When you are comfortable.

When you feel safe.


Or the hospital intervenes to try to speed things along, which can increase your chance of a C-section

The further along in your labor you are, the less chance of your body slowing down or stopping the birth process.

So what to do?

Stay home as long as you are comfortable.

“How can I be comfortable at home longer?”

Be informed, secure and inspired about your body and your birth.


The more informed, secure and inspired you are,

the quicker and more comfortable your birth will be.

For more about making informed decisions read this post.

Avoid going to the hospital too early. Laboring at home allows things to really get moving before you enter the hospital which mean less chance for interventions.

Plan out a few a low energy, fun activities for early labor

Watch a funny movie.

Get a foot massage.

Take a bath.

Skype with your best friend over a cup of herbal tea.


Organize photos.

Fold baby clothes.

You get the idea :-).


And prepare for your birth during your pregnancy

Take a really great prenatal class. Click here for information on some on Stockholm.

Live far from a city. My virtual prenatal program is in the works!


What’s your early labor activity?