TC 027 How To Write Your Birth Story with Chris Kay Fazer

Write your birth story? You probably love reading some other moms’ writings. Birth stories, the trials and tribulations of motherhood, the funny stuff, the poignant, the very, very sad.

And you the mom, you have stories you want to remember. You hope to write your birth story….some day. But who has the time?!

This episode, I speak with Chris Kay Fraser from Firefly Creative Writing, and a co-creator of MOMoirs, and online workshop is for women at all stages and shades of motherhood who want to reflect on their journeys, soak up some inspiration, carve out a little “me” time and write, write, write. (Which I won and took right after we recorded this interview. And I loved it!)

In this episode you learn:
  • Why is it important for moms to write their stories?
  • How to find the time
  • Other ideas besides pen and paper for getting it out of your head
In the comments:

What helped you get your birth story out of your head? Or what kept you? Is it ever too late?

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