Worry Be Gone! Part 2.

Worry holds the power to stall labor.

Worry interferes with everything. Really. Everything.

That’s pretty powerful. Want to ensure your baby takes its time showing up. Worry about it!


Long story short

Our nervous system interprets worry as a sign that the environment is potentially dangerous for your baby.


Act to reduce worry in your life NOW

Part 1 (read that one here) covered gathering the facts as one way to help with worry. I mentioned how “worry is like piles of clutter – engaging precious space where we wish there was something more beautiful.”

Today you are decluttering. Creating space for more beautiful thoughts.


Turn all your “what if’s” around

Everytime you think, “What if(insert negative thought here)?”, invert the thought.

Here’s some examples:


“What if birth is comfortable and quick for me and my baby?”

“What if our move is smooth and calm?”

“What if my children are safe and healthy?”

“What if I get that raise?”

“What if we easily afford a vacation to a sunny place this year?”


It makes you smile instead of frown

Focusing on what can go right is a whole lot more fun than focusing on what can go wrong.

And if Mommy feels good – baby feels a good.

 What if everything works out just fine?

So do it for you. Do it for your baby. Just do it.

The more you practice reversing your “what if’s”, the faster you start to catch the worrying thought.

And lo and behold, you’ll have less room for worry all together.


“What if this little trick Amy gave me really works?”

“What if Spring really is here?”

“What is my car starts tomorrow on the way to drop off the kids at school?” (Ok, that’s my voice…car problems this week.)


What if everything works out just fine? What if !?!?

Imagine that!



What “what ifs” are you turning around today? Share them in the comments below and inspire us all!