Your baby knows when to be born.

Your baby will be born at exactly the right time – for you and for you baby.

Did you know that your “due date” would be different if you lived in a different country?

In Sweden your due date is calculated as 39 weeks and 6 days after your last period. In the UK – 40 weeks after your last period. In France – 41 weeks.

A “due date” based on an ultrasound can be off by plus or minus seven days.

And according to WHO (World Health Organization):  The normal window of birth is anywhere from 37-42 weeks.


So you see why I use parentheses around “due date”, right?

Let’s call them guess dates instead (that’s Hypnobirthing terminology). It takes some of the pressure off. Or follow the Duke of Cambridge’s lead and have a “due month”. Kate drove the British media mad by declaring her baby was arriving in “the month of April”. She didn’t want to be bugged with headlines, “Kate – still pregnant!“, “Kate is Late!”

You are NOT overdue 2 days after your due date. Your baby is right on time.


Be patient with yourself. Be patient with your baby.

You are pregnant with your baby right now. This is only time you will have exactly this experience. Whatever that experience is for you – positive? negative? Everything changes. In pregnancy. In birth. In parenting.

Start being present and patient with your baby now – in pregnancy.

This practice will help in labor. Be present. Take one wave at a time.

An aside: “Wave” – isn’t that a more beautiful image than “contraction”.  You are actually expanding by the way – not contracting. Another myth busted!

By practicing being present in your pregnancy, you’ll have a jump on the whole parenting thing. Kids are really present – in the moment. And it helps A LOT if you as the mommy can be in the moment too.

Besides, that future we’re busy thinking about…it isn’t real. This moment – with your baby IS real. The best way to the future you want is to accept and be in the moment you have.

Your baby knows exactly when to be born. Your baby will be born at the perfect time - for you and for your baby.

“Are you still boring?”

Respond to anyone who asks you “are you still pregnant?” with “are you still boring?” (OK – maybe just say that in your head to yourself to bring a smile to your lips. Tell them and yourself you are enjoying this moment with your baby cuddled, warm inside you.


Enjoy your belly.

Close your eyes. Say hi to your baby. Your baby is looking forward to meeting you – when your baby is ready :-).

Your patience and security in this moment is what your baby needs to enter the world.


What are you enjoying about your pregnancy? Women need to hear positive stories. Share yours in the comments below :-).