TC 003: Intimacy, sex play and pleasure in your birthing year.

Arousal, desire, being open to receive love and how to find “adult time” – it’s all here and more.

Amy Neuhedel interviews Amy Gilliland all about sex in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Amy Gilliland is a PhD., a certified sexuality educator and a doula mentor and researcher.

“It’s supposed to be fun and it’s supposed to feel good.” – Amy Gilliland


In this episode you learn:
  • What to think about if things hurt that didn’t use to
  • Is it ok to have baby in the room during sex
  • How to get those “first love” hormones going on
  • What does birth have to do with sex
  • Can a doula help with sex stuff
In the comments:

Share some ideas to promote intimacy and sex play!

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