What follows is the beautiful birth story

of my first Hypnobirthing clients. Having experienced birth trauma and a very difficult postpartum period with their first baby, their success with Hypnobirthing symbolizes the importance to me of spreading this knowledge.

The names have been changed in this birth story at the request of the family.


My mucus plug loosened during the night

At the same time I felt my uterus draw upwards. It worked all night as I lay awake, waiting for the first real waves to begin. At about 6 o’clock they started – mildly. These modest waves, with about twenty minutes apart, continued well into the day. I ate pasta, and we arranged a babysitter for our first-born, Alma and at noon, we all went to a nearby playground. I noticed that walking around increased the intensity of the waves and by about 2 pm they grew tighter.


I was instantly happy

When we arrived at the hospital  I met Ulrika, the midwife we were assigned. She was very warm and reassuring, and seemed intrigued as we explained Hypnobirthing and our wishes. She examined me, confirming I had opened quite a bit and my membranes were bulging.


Robert and I got a big, nice room with windows all along the long side. We turned off the overhead lighting and pulled the electric candle from our bag. “Color and calmness” (our Hypnobirthing CD) filled my ears and I felt very glad to be there and to focus inward.


He touched and massaged me

For each wave, Robert and I worked together wonderfully and our communication was very positive and loving.


The waves were spaced and mild, becoming more active if I was up and moving, rolled my hips or sat and rocked on the birth ball. It gave me a great feeling of being in control of my body and the process.


I had not slept much, and the hospital offered no vegan food so by 7 pm, I was pretty tired mentally. The midwife examined me again because I wanted to know if the birth had progressed. She reassured me. I had opened more now, the membranes would soon release and that things would go quickly after that. She promised to come back after about an hour. I sat on birthing ball again. It was a nice feeling when the water soon trickled out over ball.


Everything sped up

Really super strong waves washed over me. They were completely different from the mild ones  I had all day. I was unprepared for them. For the strength of them. Two of them were really painful. Robert stepped up in a wonderful way.

“You can do this, relax, it’s not dangerous, open up …”.

He caressed me and made ​​me realize I could choose to harness the power of the waves and relax further.


Birds rising into the sky with the sunrise

I strengthened my visualizations.

Prepared my body to relax into the next wave.

It worked! I felt that the waves that followed was just as strong as the previous ones –

but they did not hurt!


After only 45 minutes the midwife came back in, just as I felt the waves change and begin pushing the baby down to me. I half sat on the side of the bed with one leg up so that the baby could pass through. The memory of the pain from the birth of our daughter, Alma, came back, but I focused on my breathing and on a visualization of a flower opening. I held on to Robert when the waves came, and felt that I was helped by shouting while I breathed out. I do not remember it, but Robert says I was smiling and giggling between the waves.


Vera came out after about fifteen minutes, and an immense happiness washed over me  when she was placed on my chest. I talked incessantly with her, had so much to tell her, and felt incredibly present. The midwife said emphatically: “What a beautiful birth!”

 Hypnobirthing helped this family heal and integrate the trauma from their first birth experience.

The postpartum period has been so nice!

I have no pain and feel very strong. After nine months of feeling so heavy, I know myself again! The energy and drive that usually characterize me have come back! Best of all, has probably been the oxytocin intoxication that followed the birth: I have not had any of the sad feelings or negative thoughts I associate with my first postpartum period, with Alma. On the contrary I’ve been so happy, giggly and bouncy this week. It makes me realize what a tremendous hormone party the birth was, thanks to Hypnobirthing. And the party continues!


Vera is very calm and peaceful, and I enjoy her incredibly! I am able now to process and heal the memories of my first daughter’s infancy, and I love pouring over my amazing first-born who grew into a wise, safe, smart and loving three year old since that time.

Thank you Amy for everything you’ve given us in the course, and good luck to everyone.


These stories are so important for us to hear. Share a little of your positive story below or just say that you have a positive story.