“Yes! I got her! My perfect doula!”

She listens to you and strengthens your confidence in your choices and in your abilities. She helps you find evidenced-based information so you can set goals and feel secure in your birth preferences.
You are at peace with your choice and looking calmly forward to a peaceful birth.


So how do you find her?

And how do you determine which doula is the right fit for you? Doulas come with an array of trainings, experience and of course personality types. There is also a range of prices and services provided.

What is most important to you? Her type of training? Her experience? That her price is right? That she knows rebozo techniques, hypnosis or acupressure? Or it is all about personal chemistry for you?

A combination of the above may be true. What words comes to mind during your communication with a potential doula. How do you feel? Secure, easy and comfortable are a some examples of what you might think or feel.

How to choose your doula.

There should be a connection.

Call a few, check out their sites, meet a few.

At DONA International there is more information about hiring a doula including interview questions. Have a look here!

Also available at the DONA page is a list of doulas by country.

Here in Sweden there is an organization for doulas – ODIS. The website is http://www.doula.nu. The site is only in Swedish but click on “doulor” and you get a map – click on where you live and get a list of doulas in your area.

And even more resources!

Here’s another post I wrote more recently about doulas and partners. I included a list of helpful Facebook groups.


Do have other questions about hiring a doula? Put them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them or point you towards a helpful resource.