Let me start by saying, I am not techy

My old website, Hypnodoula.se, served me, and many of you, well since 2011, but it just didn’t capture the spirit of my work with pregnancy and birth anymore. My vision for families and the care they deserve during their birthing year.

I needed something new but the idea of website creation was really overwhelming to me. Even the idea of working with a designer or developer was overwhelming. What would I say? How could I communicate my needs? I couldn’t just hand control over to someone else. I had ideas. I needed help to formulate them.


I needed a doula for my business

I reached out to the wonderful Sarah Juliusson, on the other side of the world in British Colombia, Canada, at www.thewebsitedoula.com. Sarah, has taken her birth doula experience, combined it with her knack for website creation, and bingo: She is a website doula. Perfect! She was exactly what I needed.


There is no force equal to that of a determined woman

With Sarah’s hand-holding and kind encouragement I mastered WordPress!

Not totally unlike a baby, this website has been growing for time now. With about one hour per day (when my youngest napped), over the course of many months, I energized the site into being. Unlocking the mysteries of color palettes and font families, I courageously stepped into the world of website creation.

I am so proud to release this baby into world. Lots of things are new both on the site and in my business. There will be more Hypnobirthing classes in Stockholm and more speaking engagements on the horizon both in Stockholm and Gothenburg.


For you who are pregnant, giving birth and parenting in Sweden

I’m a blogger now! I’ll be blogging about all the fantastic resources for you who are pregnant, giving birth and parenting in Sweden. As well as plenty for my multicultural moms in other parts of the world too. I’ll be curating the best of the best material out there. Always bringing you evidenced-based research and just some plain old fun.


Have a look around.

Make yourself at home.

I’m so happy you are here!


Let me know what you want information about. I’m here to support you.